Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tying it all together

Sorry i haven't blogged for a while, i've been trying desperately to get this novel i'm writing cracked on with. It's difficult, because rather than write a nice, simple detective based novel, i've decided to spice it up by having a terrorism investigation running side by side with a murder investigation, but i'm trying frantically to tie it all together so it turns into one big plot rather than two seperate smaller ones.

I've reached a critical point where i need to decide if...

I'd better not say anything actually, i'd hate to spoil the surprise if this one gets published!

I've spent pretty much all week writing, with just one break for kung fu tonight, which nearly killed me after a week sat at the keyboard. Still, i think exercise is vital for a writer, as by the very nature of our profession we spend far too much time sat in front of a screen hacking away (some of us with one finger, Matt).

I have found though, that exercise helps my brain to function properly. Without it i get bogged down in words and pages without really seeing what i'm writing.

I'm not sure if there's a point to this blog, except maybe to mention that the lovely Col Bury has posted up A Long Time Coming on his guest stories tab on his new website, so if you missed it on here and on Matt Hilton's, go and check it out along with some excellent stories from some very talented writers.



  1. What is this 'exercise' you speak of? I think I've heard someone mention it before, but I've never tried it myself...ick!

    On my way to check out the stories on Col's site!

  2. I enjoyed "A Long Time Coming" all over again - and I'm glad to see you've 'surfaced' again, Paul! ;-)

    I will check out the other stories but the lateness of the hour and the 'nightcap' mean it will have to wait until tomorrow!

  3. My typing finger has good Kung Fu! LOL

  4. I have no doubt Matt! I'm sure you've mastered the one finger death type... :)