Saturday, 11 February 2012

Back in the saddle!

I can only apologise for the lack of posts recently. Life has been a rollercoaster recently and i've been clinging on for dear life and waiting to see where it lands me.

Not only have i been writing frantically (i'm up to 40000 words on the latest book and still going strong after a few plot-blocks), but i've also met a beautiful Turkish girl and we've fallen head over heels, so my free time has dwindled but in a very good way.

In other news, The Follow is doing brilliantly, with 23 reviews, 22 of them 5 star and 1 of them 4 star. I only know a few of the people who posted reviews, but all of those assured me that they loved the book and wouldn't have given it such a good review otherwise.

My favourite review (don't tell Peter!) is this one, from someone who bought the book without knowing me or ever having read my writing before, as far as i can tell...

"I'm lost for words with regards to what to say about this book! It is mindblowingly addictive, well written and superbly well researched. Peter James just fell to my number 2 spot for Crime Fiction."

I'm understandably over the moon, but i'm still struggling to make more than a couple of sales a day. So if you know anyone who wants a good, solid, thrilling crime procedural to read, point them towards Amazon and get the to type "The Follow" into the search bar at the top.

In other news, i'm again working with the brilliant Adrian Weston, literary agent extraordinaire. He has a strong feeling about When Good Men Do Nothing, the crime novel i wrote over the summer, and he's currently going through it with a fine-tooth comb for submission.

And i think that's about it, unless anyone has some uber, super idea for marketing The Follow, which i'd dearly love to hear. I was massively nervous publishing it as it's only the second novel i ever wrote, but the feedback has been so good that i'm now keen to push it as much as i can without boring the shit out of everyone...

Promise i won't leave it so long next time... :)


  1. Good to hear all the 'developments'!
    Wish you well for the future!

  2. Now that shows you just what people really think of your writing Paul! I'm beginning to think that it was the publishers in your recent auctions who have lost out here - or at the least that it was the market that wasn't favouring you, not the book itself.
    Great to hear that you've stuck with things after the big let down, have got another agent on your side, and have a new round of submissions to look forward to. Plus a new girlfriend - I mean, c'mon, talk about a turn around!!
    By the way, viral marketing is the latest thing for writers. Get on Twitter, Facebook etc as an author, push everything as hard as you can. It's about awareness - and your e-book will only help with spreading your name, so it's an advert in itself!
    Top effort all round mate, keep at it :o)

  3. Thanks Paul, thanks Dean! I refuse to stay in the dirt after i've fallen off the horse, i'll keep going until i get published, even if it takes ten years. (Of course i hope it doesn't, but you never know...) I appreciate the support, and here's hoping that i finally get a deal this time... :)

  4. You 'n' me both, mate! :-)

    Well done on the agent, the reviews and the girlfriend, mate!

    Good luck with it all.

    Speak soon,